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On-Site Shredding

Our on-site trucks have the capability of destroying approximately 5000 lbs. of paper per hour. Don't let our competitors fool you into thinking that they have the smallest shred size in town. They don't! We do! There is a reason why their trucks have a small, grainy, out-of-focus camera for you to view the shredding process. They don't want you to see the actual shred size. Ask them if they will open the back door to see the shred size. If they refuse, ask if you can follow the truck back to watch it dump the paper out so that you can see the actual shred size. Pierce and tear shredders are not complete shredding systems. Whole pieces of paper can and do pass through these shredders untouched. Checks pass through frequently!  The technology we employ makes that impossible with our trucks.
Our logo is based on the mechanics of our top of the line on-site shredding trucks.  Heavy duty hammers spin at a high rate of speed inside the truck.  Paper is tipped into what is essentially a giant blender, where it is pulverized until small enough to fit through a screen.  The paper, completely shredded into a fine confetti-like consistency, then passes securely into the back of the truck.  
Many competitors also dump their shredded material at another facility to later be baled and recycled.  All material shredded by American Document Destruction is dumped at our secure facility where it is baled and later recycled.  When dealing with secure disposal of sensitive documents, it's critical to do it the right way. Our experience, process, and high end shredding technology make American Document Destruction the right choice for your next purge or regular on-site service of your home or business.

Competitor Shred Size -
Pierce and Tear Shredder

American Document Destruction's
Trucks' Shred Size


Off-Site Shredding

Off-site shredding is often used for large-volume customers. Our 100-horse power shredder can shred over 6 tons of paper per hour. Many of our customers like this method of document destruction because it is not only faster but also less expensive than our on-site option. This powerful machine can shred just about anything. Microfilm, discs, tapes, credit cards, videos, clothing and plastic don't stand a chance against this machine. Paper is shredded down to a ½ inch size at a rate of 6 tons per hour. All material is then baled and sent to the mills to be recycled.

Cardboard Recycling

In addition to paper shredding and recycling, another area of focus is on cardboard recycling.  Many businesses produce a large volume of cardboard waste.  While many are content to throw cardboard into a dumpster where it inevitably finds its way to a landfill, we believe that recycling is the responsible way to go.  We do ask that all cardboard be kept seperate for our recycling process, typically in our blue hampers we provide for our customers (see below).  If your business is a high volume cardboard producer that produces bales of material on a regular basis, you may even be elligible for compensation, as we can often purchase bales from organizations with this capability.  Give us a call to discuss if this fits your business's profile.


American Document Destruction offers various containers available for deployment and scheduled pickup.  Take a look at some of these containers below.

Our larger hamper containers

64 Gallon and 95 Gallon Containers

Hard Drive Shredder

Security Console and blue desk-side recycling container


Destroyed Hard Drive


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